Business opportunities in the intelligent transportation industry have approached. What are the "intelligent roads" in our country?

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A few days ago, a notice about the decision of accelerating pilots of a new generation of national traffic control networks and intelligent roads in Beijing, Hebei, Jilin, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Henan and Guangdong was given out by the General Office of the Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China.

It is required in the notice that the application of 3D measurable imaging technology and high-precision maps should be a focus in Beijing, Hebei, Henan and Zhejiang, to realize the digital acquisition, management and application of the highway facilities, and to construct the dynamic management system of the assets of highway facilities. The intelligent monitoring sensor network of infrastructures is built in bridge, tunnel and slope areas to realize the comprehensive perception, analysis and warning functions of safety state of traffic infrastructures.

Beijing, Hebei and Guangdong focus on the intelligent upgrade of highway system (roadside) and integration and coordination of operation of the vehicle road transport, utilize 5G or expand the application of 5.8GHz dedicated short-range communication technology, provide a low delayed broadband wireless communication, explore the application of intelligent base station system (roadside), select a representative highway and projects of Beijing Winter Olympics and Xiongan New Area, to carry out information interaction of vehicles and roads, risk monitoring and warning, monitoring and analysis of traffic flow.

Jiangxi, Hebei and Guangdong focus on building BDS high-precision infrastructures, realizing the full coverage of BDS signal in demonstration road sections (including tunnels), and implementing long-term reliable monitoring and warning in prone areas of disasters. Explore to carry out the application research of highway toll fee based on the high-precision positioning of BDS, and strengthen technical reserve. Integrated management system of emergency rescue of highways based on BDS is built to realize the rapid positioning of the personnel driving a vehicle and the dynamic scheduling and regional coordination of the rescue force.

Big data-based highway operation and intelligent service and management decision platform is built in Fujian, Henan, Zhejiang and Jiangxi to be applied in the comprehensive information acquisition of regional road networks, operation and scheduling, charge, assets operation & maintenance, public information services and emergency command. Mobile devices such as UAV are used to improve the capability of operational monitoring and emergency response. Using new media, public information reports and other channels to achieve interactive on-site information acquisition. Carry out intelligent terminal demonstration of intelligent maintenance, road administration and road network incident inspection, and integrate Internet data and related data of the industry to carry out the construction of monitoring system of road network operation.

Jilin and Guangdong use the "Internet +" technology to explore the characteristics of the non-parking mobile payment technology based on vehicle feature recognition. Carry out value-added services, such as parking space and guidance and reservation of charging facilities in service area based on the mobile Internet. Explore to carry out the dynamic charging demonstration of highways, and realize dynamic/static charging of new energy automobiles. Carry out the precise weather perception and prediction under the low temperature condition, as well as the auxiliary service of vehicle and road coordination safety.

Jiangsu and Zhejiang take the lead in studying the way of promoting the construction of closed test areas and open test areas for technical application of safe aided driving, vehicle-road combination facing urban public traffic and complex traffic environment, to form a new generation of prototype system of national traffic control network and application demonstration base.

What is "intelligent road"?

Sheng Gang, a professor-level senior engineer of the Design Institute of Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport thought: Intelligent highway is featured in the integration with new generation Internet technology, such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of things and artificial intelligence, to realize the thorough, real-time and accurate perception of highways, grasp the current situation of each section, each car and each structure, and accurately predict the development trend. The perceived data will be transmitted through a stable and large-bandwidth highway communication network.

Thus, what's the construction way and extent of intelligent roads?

If the "intelligent road" is likened to a person, the brain is equivalent to cloud computing and big data service platform, the cerebellum is a traffic coordination control system, the limb is an action system, the neural network is a communication system. And then same as people, "intelligence" of intelligent highways should be a continuous process of evolution.

What are the "intelligent roads" in our country?

Zhejiang has begun to build the first superhighway in the country, which is expected to be opened before the Asian Games in Hangzhou in 2022.

The world's first section of photovoltaic highway in Jinan, Shandong!