Unmanned "Maikan": Road test policies have been introduced in various areas successively.

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The heat of domestic intelligent driving is going up from the industrial circle.

Recently, Shenzhen announced the Guidance of Shenzhen on Standardizing the Work of Road Test of Intelligent Driving Vehicles, and began to solicit public opinions (hereinafter referred to as "Draft"). As required by the Draft, the road test of intelligent driving vehicles should be applied to relevant departments and carried out within the road section range and time interval jointly approved by the Department of Transportation after review.

This is the fourth city which will put forward detailed rules for the road test of intelligent driving after Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing. Other cities are eager to take actions to intelligent driving. It is reported that in recent days, Zhejiang Hangzhou will open a test road for automated driving, which will become a closed test field in the future. Guangzhou and Wuhan also have plans for building the driverless experimental base.