Chen Zhaoxiong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Promoting the Development of Big Data from Four Aspects

Release time:2018-04-26 Click times:305

According to the news from www.cnstock.com, at the "big data sub-forum" of the "Digital China Summit" held in Fuzhou on April 23, Chen Zhaoxiong, vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology expressed that they would promote the development of big data from four aspects. First, promote the innovative development of big data, support the cutting-edge technological innovation and accelerate the R & D of key products; second, promote the integrated development of big data, deeply dig the potential of integration, accelerate the construction of industrial Internet and big data and develop the new data-driven development and industry mode; third, motivate the market vitality and encourage the establishment of big data public service platform; fourth, promote the safe development of big data, enhance the security ability, strengthen the development of big data security products and maintain the reliability of data.