Cennavi Attended ITS Asia 2018 Location Big Data Series Products Attracted Attention

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On May 28, ITS Asia 2018 was grandly held in China International Exhibition Center (new) in Beijing, Cennavi, a professional big data company affiliated to NavInfo (hereinafter referred to as "Cennavi") was present with its cutting-edge technologies and products. On the opening day, Li Zuomin, Director of Highway Monitoring & Response Center, Ministry of Transport of P.R.C. with his delegation visited the exhibition platform to give instructions, and the company's products were highly affirmed. 


Diagram 1: Li Zuomin, Director of Highway Monitoring & Response Center, Ministry of Transport of P.R.C. with his delegation visited the exhibition platform to give instructions 

Location big data series products showed up and attracted attention on the exhibition site 

Cennavi, as China's leading Location big data service and traffic information service provider, has participated in ITS Asia and ITS World Congress for several consecutive times. MineData, an innovation application product of Cennavi's Location big data, together with multiple industry solutions of traffic police, meteorology and telecommunications and other fields showed up on the exhibition, attracting a lot of attention on the site. MineData Location big data platform is a position information service product system that fully integrates the data of all NavInfo's subsidiaries & all product lines and all partners' data, and fully utilizes the advantages of its own data, algorithms and technologies, specializing in providing various industries with "one-stop" Location big data service platform and deeply customized all-around solutions of "data + visualization + analysis study". Since MineData has been released for a year, the data has been expanded comprehensively, the ability of visualization has been broken through constantly, and the core algorithm has been upgraded continually, and it has provided a series of solutions for several governments institutions and enterprises including traffic police, traffic, poverty alleviation, logistics, insurance, meteorology, operators, urban planning and so on, bringing brand new operation and management ideas to different industries. 


Diagram 2: Exhibition booth attracted a lot of audience 

During the exhibition, such innovative services and products as the big data platform of the traffic police, the big data platform of traffic meteorology and the big data platform of telecommunication, also attracted a lot of the audience on the site. 

Travel information service innovation and application     High-accuracy features attracted the whole audience. 

During the exhibition, the Cennavi demonstrated the high-accuracy real-time traffic information service and its unique high-accuracy features attracted the whole audience. As the first domestic enterprise in commercially utilizing dynamic traffic information service, Cennavi's high-accuracy real-time traffic information has covered the nationwide 340+ Cities, 110+ standardized vehicle-level cities, the main commuter road coverage reaches up to 70%-90%, and the closed road accuracy for 1 minutes rapid update and 100 meters high-accuracy expression reaches up to 90%, owning 4 million+ vehicle users, 500 million+ internet users and 100+ government and enterprise users. 


Diagram 3- Cennavi staff was demonstrating on the site 

Blockbuster experts delivered keynote speeches and ignited hot spots of the industry 

During the exhibition, Cennavi delivered two keynote speeches, and its unique views ignited hot spots of the industry. Chen Yao, Deputy Director of Products, delivered a keynote speech on the Vehicle Dynamic Service in the Age of Intelligent Interconnection, which was held in the "ITS China industry technology innovation and development forum" in the same period, introducing respectively from the aspects of the development process and demand change of vehicle dynamic information service, as well as the vehicle data cloud platform, the network security service and so on, and discussing with guests on the site about the development trend and direction of vehicle dynamic information service in the age of intelligent Internet, and how to help users improve user experience and realize intelligent travel. 

Diagram 4- Cennavi's Deputy Director of Products Chen Yao keynote speech's scene

Ma Sanli, senior engineer of Cennavi, delivered a keynote speech on the Location big data AI platform helps intelligent travel on the special report meeting held in the same period, which mainly focused on the AI technology and application practice of Cennavi Location big data platform meeting the needs of different fields in the aspect of intelligent travel, sharing together in the aspects of exploring and excavating data intelligence, and discussing the future development trend of urban intelligent travel and the hot topic in the field of intelligent transportation with the guests on the site. 


Diagram 5- Cennavi's Senior Engineer Ma Sanli keynote speech's scene

The leading technology is recognized by the industry again    MineData won the "excellent product award". 

At the current ITS Asia, the award ceremony for series selection activities of the 4th "intelligent transportation cup" held in the same period concluded successfully on the evening of May 28. The selection activities invited many well-known experts in the field from universities, scientific research institutes and traffic management authorities to form a review panel. By virtue of its leading technological and innovative ability in the industry, Cennavi has come to the fore again. After winning "innovation product award" at ITS Asia 2017 last year, the enterprise's Location big data product MineData won the "excellent product award" again. Cennavi has continually won awards at ITS Asia, which further demonstrates the support and recognition from the industry for continuous leading of the enterprise's products and services, as well as the recognition and affirmation of the enterprise brand strength and industry status for a long time. Afterwards, Cennavi will participate in the ITS World Congress held in Copenhagen in September, and display the achievements of China's ITS development again on the international stage. 


Diagram 6- Awards ceremony scene 

About ITS Asia 2018 

With the theme of "synergy, sharing, integration and innovation - building an intelligent transportation ecology in a full - information environment", ITS Asia 2018 joined hands with more than 600 exhibitors around the world, and it is expected to attract 50,000 audience from the world. This conference focused on and demonstrated new technologies, new products and new solutions for the field of intelligent transportation construction including urban intelligent transportation, road traffic safety, intelligent highway, public transportation, road transportation information, intelligent parking, internet of vehicles, intelligent network auto and so on.