NavInfo and Tencent Promote the Applet of Smart Scenic Spot in Chimelong and Will Lay Out the Smart Tourism Ecology.

Release time:2018-07-26 Click times:136

According to the official news of NavInfo, the applet of smart scenic spot jointly developed by it and Tencent for Chimelong Paradise and Ocean Kingdom has formally gone live (find it in WeChat by searching for "Tencent Smart Scenic Spot")

It is understood that the applet provides tourists with hand-drawn maps, voice explanation, route planning, facility search and other services. As a partner of the applet and provider of data services, NavInfo enriches and optimizes map data of Chimelong Paradise and Ocean Kingdom, including the addition of 312 Points of Interest (POI) around recreational facilities, booths, public facilities and other elements in the scenic spot.

The data updating supports more operational activities with WeChat applet as the carrier. For example, the park has cooperated with national IP King of Glory, and the technology and service provided by NavInfo and Tencent in terms of location-based service allow tourists to visit the park based on different recommended navigation routes.

NavInfo mentioned in the news that it worked with Tencent and has paid more attention to smart tourism since this year.

In March this year, the two worked with Yunnan government and launched WeChat applet of "Visit Smart Scenic Spots in Yunnan" and the App of "Visit Yunnan", covering 79 4A and 5A scenic spots and 78 3A scenic spots in Yunnan.

In May, WeChat applet of "Visit the Imperial Palace" developed by both sides has formally gone live, which mainly promotes recommended route tour based on hand-drawn maps.

NavInfo also mentioned that in addition to providing C-end services for scenic spots, it will also provide B-end support with its cooperative partner to help improve the management level of scenic spots.