Cennavi Attend the exhibition of ITS WC 2018 in Copenhagen, and its innovative Products attracted international attention

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On Sept. 17, the 25th ITS World Congress 2018 opened in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the professional big data company subordinated to Navinfo-Cennavi (hereinafter referred to as "Cennavi") made its stunning appearance with the most advanced technology and services. During the exhibition, chief scientist of National Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Center of Engineering and Technology Wang Xiaojing and other personnel visited the exhibition stand of Cennavi.


The innovative service of newly upgraded MineData 2.0 products attracted international attention

As a leading company  of china in ITS industry , Cennavi had been in ITS World Congress for many consecutive years. At the exhibition, Cennavi not only displayed high-precision traffic information services to audiences from all over the world, but also showed MineData 2.0 location big data platform with independent intellectual property rights, as well as a variety of industrial solutions related to logistics, auto, traffic management, etc.


Figure 1: Chief scientist of National Intelligent Transport Systems Center of Engineering and Technology Wang Xiaojing and other personnel are visiting the booth the exhibition of Cennavi

Relevant responsible person of Cennavi said that as the leading location big data service provider and traffic information service provider of China, Cennavi has always been in the forefront of the industry since its establishment. Its’ MineData platform has got much lots of orders since it was being released 2017. Based on high quality Navigation Map of its’mother company Navinfo Group, Massive FCD data and 10 year experience in Location based Service , Cennavi can provide Government agency and Business Unit with one-stop solution of location big data service including "data management + visualization + research and analysis" and total customized solutions. 

He said that compared with version 1.0, newly displayed MineData 2.0 this time has been comprehensively upgraded in aspects of data processing, visualization ability and core algorithm, etc. achieving a leaping upgrade of basic abilities, customized output of platform capabilities and cross-border vertical penetration of between different industries . At present, it has provided a series of solutions for many industries such as the automobile industry, traffic management , transportation , insurance, urban planning, which has been applied in various fields in depth, and has brought new operation management thoughts, and provided all-round support for the construction of industry platform in the future.

During the exhibition , innovative services and products such as vehicle big data management platform, Traffic Police Big Data Platform 2.0, also attracted a large number of audiences on site.


High-precision traffic information service of Cennavi was displayed at the exhibition, and its high precision characteristics gripped the attention of people

During the exhibition period, high-precision traffic information service of Cennavi was displayed at the exhibition, and its high precision characteristics attracted great attention on site. The product manager of Cennavi said that as the first provider releasing dynamic traffic information in China, Cennavi supports various standard formats such as TMC, TPEG, VICS and RTIC, and its high quality traffic flow and event service  has covered 340+ cities in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao and Southeast Asia (Thailand); 70%-90% coverage ratio of main road has been realized with achieving rapid updating of 60 seconds and Minimum 100 meter expression  , and accuracy rate of closed roads has been up to 90%.

Up to now, Cennavi has provided real-time traffic information service for BMW, Benz, Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, General Motors and many other well-known international automobile manufacturers, where 100 mainstream models carry the road condition information by Cennavi, leading the traffic information service market of China car-mounted front loading field, which provided strong support for Cennavi to continue to expand the international market.


Heavyweight experts gave brilliant speeches and unique points of view ignited the audience

During the exhibition period, the Deputy General Manager of Cennavi Technology Center Yang Laitu delivered a keynote speech on "Development of China Location Big Data Service" at the theme forum on "Big data promotes traffic management of the next generation toward the age of autonomous driving", and his unique points of view stunned the audience.


Figure 2: Speech from deputy general manager Yang Laitu of Cennavi Technology Center

At the speech, he introduced Cennavi location big data platform to the guests, and relevant innovative service and application of industry platform such as sensor cloud platform, vehicle big data analysis platform, Traffic Police Big Data Platform 2.0, related to automobile, logistics as well as traffic police fields. He shared demands in intelligent travel in different fields relying on Cennavi location big data platform in big data fields, explored jointly and mined data intelligence, and strictly apply innovative services in automobile, telecommunication operator, urban planning and government agencies, etc., and discussed hot topics of the future location big data and intelligent traffic.

In the meanwhile, he said that with the mission of "insight into the data value and fully empowering users to making travel happy ", Cennavi is committed to realizing wonderful enterprise vision of "building global location-based service ecology, and integrating intelligence into life". It wishes that location big data service platform for carrying and integrating a variety of industries and enterprise can be built in the future around the world to form a health and sustainable business close-loop, so as to let location big data service gradually go deep into life, and bring powerful energy to the intelligent science of good life.

Cennavi was invited to attend China-Europe ITS Summit

During the exhibition period, China-Europe ITS Summit was also held, and Cennavi was invited to attend as one of the representatives of enterprises. The summit was organized by ITS China together with ERTICO-ITS Europe, Director General of ITS China Li Zhaochen, Deputy Secretary General of ITS China Guan Jizhen, CEO of ERTICO–ITS Europe, and Eddy HARTOG of DG CONNECT, etc. attended the summit and delivered speeches.

Marketing Director of Cennavi Li Jianjun delivered the speech at the summit as one of China's enterprise representatives, during which he shared mainly innovative service and development of Cennavi location big data, and innovative application and service of location big data in fields of automobile industry, government urban planning, traffic police, connected car, operator and logistics, etc. He said that Cennavi had massive and multi-source location big data and has built the authoritative national location data warehouse in China based on the accumulation of data over the years. At present, the total amount of its data has exceeded 4PB with an increase of 4T+ each day, which has given Cennavi new opportunities and challenges for development.

                                      Figure 3: Speech of Cennavi Marketing Director Li Jianjun

During the summit, ITS China organized establishment signing ceremony of "China-EU Joint Intelligent Traffic Innovation Center" upon cooperation with ERTICO-ITS Europe. The establishment of "China-EU Joint Intelligent Traffic Innovation Center" marks that China's rapidly improved ITS technology and innovation ability has been in the international leading level, which will help relevant enterprises in China intelligent traffic field to go abroad and open up overseas market, and build enterprises with international competitiveness.

About 2018 ITS World Congress

ITS 2018 took "intelligent traffic and quality of life" as its theme, and will jointly cooperate with more than 500 exhibitors around the world which is expected to attract nearly 10,000 professional audiences around the world. The exhibition focuses on the latest solutions in the fields of travel service, traffic management, satellite technology and location-based services, intelligent connected automotive technology, traffic safety and so on.