Auto Factory Industry Solution

  • Traffic Information Service
    Traffic Information Service
    Cennavi provides the traffic information service for the automobile plants for over ten years, including the technical standards that are approved by China and the world such as RTIC, TMC and TPEG, and various traffic information receiving modes like FM and IP.
  • Travel Service
    Travel Service
    Cennavi can provide various convenient and fast travel services for automobile plant such as charging pile dynamic state, parking lot dynamic state, city license plate number restriction, SmartCloud route planning and intermodal routing.

Case presentation

  • BMW
    In 2011, BMW released its brand new sub-brand BMW i in Germany headquarter. Shortly after the releasing of i brand, BMW released two models of new cars-i3 and i8 of BMW i. The new BMW i3 uses advanced power driven system. In order to insert wings of intelligent driving for i3 and i8, BMW cooperated with Cennavi to provide charging pile query services…