Traffic information Monitoring Platform

Platform introduction: national level road network operation monitoring and decision support platform; breaking the limitations of single index with multi-dimensional and multi-angle composite congestion evaluation index, improving the objectivity of congestion evaluation with congestion index calculation method, improving the feasibility of comparing congestion situation between cities with urban traffic information calculation boundary, and reflecting traffic congestion situation with a large amount of historical data accumulation To achieve the analysis of the degree, scope and trend of traffic congestion in major cities or specific areas of the country, to obtain the spatial and temporal evolution law of congestion, and to provide decision support for urban traffic planning and management departments.

Core Advantages: Authoritative data support, remote sensing images of land cover obtained from national authorities, and based on the massive authoritative real-time and historical data of Four-Dimensional Mapping New Group; multi-dimensional analysis perspective, respectively, from all aspects of time, space and time; data mining, mining frequent and occasional congested sections, spatial standard deviation, working days and non-working days. The characteristics of working days, etc.

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