Sensor Cloud Platform


Platform introduction: Automobile solutions cover dynamic traffic information services, intelligent travel services, networked sensor cloud services and sensor cloud platforms; aggregate massive authoritative historical and real-time data from the Four-Dimensional Map New Group, partners and industry customers, and possess a full chain of vehicle regulations independently developed from data access processing, service release to service quality assurance. Business system; dedicated to bring more efficient, safe and comfortable driving experience to car owners, optimize product design for automobile industry customers, and provide one-stop platform experience for exploring data value.

Core advantages: early access to comprehensive travel information, improve driving safety, enjoy pleasant driving experience, optimize product design.

Business Directions: Traffic information, including traffic conditions, traffic incidents, directional traffic information, Traffic information prediction, etc. Travel services, including dynamic parking, electric vehicle services, traffic weather, experience paths, etc. Internet security services, including low visibility early warning, vehicle accident early warning, anchored vehicle early warning, wet slippery road early warning, etc.

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