Cennavi Helped Allianz Big Data Platform to Be Launched Successfully

On the afternoon of April 22, the lighting ceremony for the big data platform Allianz Worldwide Partners (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Allianz) was successfully held in Beijing. NavInfo Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as NavInfo) and its subordinate big data company Cennavi Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Cennavi) were invited to attend and gave a keynote speech as the project partners. The parties' senior executives and guests such as Mr. Christophe Aniel, CEO of of Allianz Partners Greater China and its COO of Allianz Partners Greater China and Japan Mr. Giancarlo Scupino, Benny Liang NavInfo SVP / Cennavi General Manager and Laitu Yang, Cennavi Vice General Manager attended this lighting ceremony for the big data platform. 


Mr. Christophe Aniel, CEO of Allianz Partners Greater China gave a welcome address and thanked the commander-in-chief of this project, Mr. Giancarlo Scupino, Regional COO of Allianz Partners Greater China and Japan and his team as well as Cennavi for their hard work and efforts for the big data platform. 


Mr. Giancarlo Scupino, Regional COO of Allianz Partners Greater China and Japan made an opening speech. First, Mr. Giancarlo Scupino reviewed the development course of Allianz big data, the current situation of the rescue market, and said that the development target of the big data platform this year would be to increase the operational efficiency and effectively optimize the operating costs. Mr. Giancarlo Scupino sincerely thanked all the teams; he expressed that they should be proud of the results achieved at the current stage and that the progress of digital transformation of Allianz was rapid and was realizing the real innovation, and he believed that they can do better in the future! 

Mr. Christophe Aniel, CEO of Allianz Partners Greater China, Mr. Giancarlo Scupino, Regional COO of Allianz Partners Greater China and Japan, Ms. Amy Zhang, Head of Automotive Assistance Operations, Ms. Julie Zhou, National Manager of Procurement and Network Management, Benny Liang, NavInfo SVP / Cennavi General Manager, Mr. Jingrun Zhao, product manager of Product Strategy Department of Cennavi, Ms. Jessy Shen, Service Provider Network Digitalization Manager and Mr. Peter Li, Senior Project Manager led all the attendants to witness this exciting lighting moment! 


Ms. Jessy Shen of Allianz made a report on this project to the guests: Allianz China has had the road rescue data accumulation of 16 years since 2003, and we have always thought how to make such data better serve the rescue and our customers. Last year, we introduced the concepts of "algorithm engine" and "simulation tool" for the first time, and utilized the manner of artificial intelligence to learn the characteristics of historical data to achieve the purpose of intelligent dispatching. In order to ensure that the results calculated by algorithm engine are correct and meet the requirements for operation, we also put forward the concept of "Allianz big data", and if we ensure the healthy distribution of the service network through mining and modeling of such data, we can manage the service providers and allocate the resources in a more targeted and planned way; We have realized that the service providers have arranged the rescue vehicles more scientifically and reached the customers' locations more quickly and that we have improved the customer satisfaction and service feelings while effectively optimizing the costs. The cultural standards "dare to care in any place at any time" of Allianz have been fully reflected. 

Laitu Yang, Cennavi Vice General Manager shared the industry experience of Cennavi in the application of location big data and how to assist Allianz in improving the comprehensive operational efficiency with the location big data capacity with the guests on the site. 

He expressed that with the increase of automobile inventory in China year by year, the automobile road rescue market was also continuously expanding and that the owners' requirements for road rescue service quality were promoted so that such appeals directly promoted that the road rescue industry continuously adopted the new technology to continuously improve the customer satisfaction. As an industry-leading enterprise in the fields of rescue and insurance in China, Allianz focuses on service innovation and is committed to creating more value for customers. As a professional location big data company subordinated to NavInfo Group, Cennavi had the massive location data and rich industry experience and launched multiple industry solutions combined with the pains in the insurance industry to provide the powerful support for the insurance companies to improve the work efficiency and promote the service quality and user experience. So far, Cennavi had successively carried out cooperation with the insurance enterprises such as CHINA RE, PICC P&C and China Ping An Insurance Group and had implemented multiple projects. 


Laitu Yang expressed that as a carrier of the big data capacity of NavInfo, Cennavi was devoted to building the global location-based service ecology and empowering the users in an all-round way. This cooperation marked the parties started to deepen the cooperation in the big data field, which was recognition and affirmation of the big data capacity of the company by Allianz and was the continuous implementation of location big data service of Cennavi in the insurance field. In the future, the parties would continue to carry out the in-depth cooperation in the aspects such as location big data and would realize innovation and breakthrough at the level of promoting the user experience and technical service based on the big data technology. 

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