It has been providing traffic information services for automobile manufacturers for more than ten years, including RTIC, TMC, TPEG and other internationally recognized technical standards, as well as FM and IP modes of traffic information reception. For new energy and electric vehicles, Cennavi also provides query service for charging piles, driving range of remaining electricity, multi-mode transfer and traffic information-based route push services, etc. It helps automobile manufacturers to provide comprehensive solutions for travel services.

BMW-TPEG Traffic Information Service Project

BMW-TPEG Traffic Information Service Project

    Customer Requirements: Based on TPEG over IP protocol, it provides exclusive real-time traffic information services for BMW China and Huachen BMW, promotes TPEG innovative services to be officially commercialized in China; Requests travel-related innovative services for BMW electric vehicle series; Requires coverage of major large and medium-sized cities in China and Hong Kong, and updates frequency to maintain international standards.

    Solution: In 2012, based on TPEG over IP, we will provide TPEG real-time traffic information information and event information services exclusively for BMW 5-series and 7-series vehicles; in 2014, we will provide on-board innovative services such as reminder of residual power range, online route planning, charging pile and multi-mode transfer for BMW I3 and I8 series vehicles; and the service coverage covers key cities in mainland China and Hong Kong, with 5 points per year. Clocks are updated once and released through the network.

    Value realization: For the first time, the international TPEG standard traffic information service has been successfully commercialized in the Chinese market; it has changed the way of obtaining real-time traffic information, improved the real-time traffic information and high accuracy; and provided relevant technical support for the domestic localization process of BMW interconnected driving.

Toyota-RTIC Traffic Information Service Project

Toyota-RTIC Traffic Information Service Project

    Customer Requirements: Based on G-BOOK, Toyota provides dynamic traffic information services in China market; publishes relevant traffic information services in two modes; and covers major large and medium-sized cities in China and Hong Kong, updating frequency and maintaining international standards.

    Solution: In 2009, based on the RTIC technology standard of Cennavi's independent intellectual property rights, we will provide dynamic traffic information service for Toyota's first G-BOOK vehicle, Lexus RX350; continue to provide RTIC dynamic traffic information service, sketch and incident information services for Toyota's various models; and expand the service scope to major cities and highways in the country, every 5 minutes. In the new release, network and FM are adopted.

    Realizing value: For the first time, it realizes the support of RTIC-based cross-city traffic information service, which provides support for Toyota's first implementation of Telematics traffic information service application in China; helps Toyota realize the transition of traditional vehicle navigation from static to dynamic for the first time, receives more information, enjoys more services and enhances user experience; serves Toyota's car users up to 100. Ten thousand ranks.

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