Traffic Police

Introducing professional enterprise-level map platform, Internet real-time traffic information and professional traffic judgment algorithm for traffic police, providing support of the research and judgment for actual combat command of traffic police, in order to improve the efficiency of urban road governance, ensure unimpeded road traffic, and improve public service level. 

Traffic Police Internet+Traffic Data Engineering Platform

Traffic Police Internet+Traffic Data Engineering Platform

    Customer demand: Realize real-time perception of the city's traffic operation and timely grasp of the city's traffic trends.Establish a variety of visualization analysis models through in-depth integration of traffic management business.Provide data support for WeChat, APP, applets, guidance screen, etc., and build a convenient traffic police environment for people.

    Solution:Construct traffic police road condition data engineering platform, realize multi-source data access, and build data warehouse.Innovate the traffic index, put forward seven vital signs of urban traffic operation, develop based on the customized region, road and intersection models, and realize the real-time perception of the city's traffic operation. Establish the big data visualization and statistical analysis model in traffic dispersion, combat command, convenient service, large-scale activities, traffic research and analysis, refined service and so on. 

    Realize value: Standard multi-source road traffic data can provide data support for various applications and realize data sharing among different departments. Real-time monitoring of traffic operation status in the whole city can provide scientific support for traffic police research and analysis, and assist in traffic congestion control. Assist traffic law enforcement and accurate traffic information release.Improve the integration of information services, to facilitate public mobility. 

Ministry of Public Security-National Public Security Map Service Management

Ministry of Public Security-National Public Security Map Service Management

    Customer Requirements: Provide new basic platform software support for upgrading and perfecting the existing PGIS platform nationwide; Expand support for the application of large data in time and space, mobile PGIS and private network GIS; Rely on new technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data, mobile Internet, etc., with the guidance of actual application of public security, and enhance the application of existing PGIS platform for intelligent public security and police big data in local public security organs. And the role of police in practical combat.

    Solution: On the basis of the existing PGIS version 1.6 platform software, new technology concepts such as cloud platform, framing, micro-service and key technologies such as vector map, mobile map, large data in time and space are introduced to carry out the work of improving the technical architecture, function optimization and software upgrade of the national PGIS platform software; and new version of the National PGIS platform software is developed, free of charge. Provides the national provincial and municipal public security organs to upgrade the deployment application; Customizes the special network PGIS system, supports the network security, technical reconnaissance, map reconnaissance and other special network PGIS map support.

    Realize the value: To meet the needs of the Ministry of Public Security in developing the National Public Security Map Service System (Cloud Map) project (PGIS2.0 project), to provide technical support for improving the actual combat ability of public security business; to meet the needs of basic map data of national PGIS software, to provide data support for the construction of "one map of the whole country"; to support the innovation of public security intranet, mobile information network and private network. Map application promotes the construction of intelligent public security.

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