Cennavi Cooperated with The China Mobile Location Service Center in "5G+ Location-based Service"

In order to fully tap the mobile signaling data value of China Mobile, Cennavi, a professional big data company under NavInfo (Cennavi for short below), jointly developed the "Intelligent Signal Light Application Platform" with the China Mobile Location Service Center. 

Based on the core capabilities of location-based services such as mobile signaling and POI, the platform integrates the multi-source data of signaling, access and traffic flow, and establishes a professional traffic index system, which can evaluate the traffic status and signal light rationality at intersections and on roads, provide data support for intelligent traffic management and help to improve the efficiency of traffic management. The platform mainly involves signal light monitoring and evaluation, trunk line coordination, traffic operation awareness, tidal lane, innovative linkage and other function modules. As a professional big data service provider under NavInfo, Cennavi provides this product with map platform visualization, POI search, route planning, customized road data, 1-minute real-time road condition interface and other services, and offers precise underlying support to the "Signal Light Application Platform". 

Based on the location big data, combined with the characteristics of wide distribution of mobile signaling data and large number of users, the "Signal Light Monitoring and Evaluation Platform" can realize the scientific calculation of traffic flow data at each intersection. According to the index of imbalance index, traffic flow and queue length of intersection, the platform can carry out real-time and historical evaluation of traffic status and signal light rationality, make up for the shortcomings of less distribution of traffic police access and low space coverage ratio, and provide data support for the optimization of traffic lights. 

As the leading enterprise in ITS industry and the leading domestic service provider of location big data, Cennavi has been committed to building a global location-based service ecosystem. Since its establishment, the company has accumulated a large amount of map data, location information and industry experience, and related location big data services have been implemented in many fields. In the future, based on location big data, combined with big data, 5G, artificial intelligence and other technologies, Cennavi will achieve greater industry value and play a more important role in intelligent transportation, urban planning, urban management and other fields. 

According to Zhang Zhiyong, responsible person of Cennavi (Shenyang), faced with the new trend of 5G development and accelerated process of industrial transformation, Cennavi will grasp the development opportunity in the 5G new era based on location big data. In the future, relying on their respective resource advantages, the two sides will jointly promote the in-depth integration of geographic information technology with 5G, Internet, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, and jointly develop better location-based services in intelligent transportation, traffic police, public security, emergency and other transportation and government-enterprise fields, to support China Mobile's implementation of the "5G+" plan and jointly promote the construction of "5G+ Location-based Service". 

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