NavInfo attends 2019 Global Artificial Intelligence & Robots Summit (CCF-GAIR)

From July 12 to 14, the CCF-GAIR 2019 was held in Shenzhen. Xiong Jilin, Deputy General Manager of Cennavi, a professional big data company under NavInfo, delivered a speech titled Location Big Data Empowers Intelligent Transportation at the Intelligent Transportation Session held at the same time, sharing and discussing the fruits achieved by location big data in the intelligent traffic field in Cennavi. 


Figure 1: Conference site 


Figure 2: Speech by Xiong Jilin, Deputy General Manager of Cennavi under NavInfo 

In the speech, Xiong Jilin made it clear that as the leading enterprise in ITS industry and the leading domestic service provider of location big data, NavInfo and Cennavi have accumulated massive map data, location information and industry experience, and related location big data services have been implemented in numerous fields. Adhering to the concept of "Intelligence + Transportation", the company effectively integrates AI, big data and visualization technologies, applies the pertinent intelligent and innovative services in the traffic field proceeding from the actual business demands of the Department of Transportation, and helps the traffic management department to enhance the refined traffic management ability and realize the intellectualization and digitization. 

According to his speech, the imbalance between supply and demand of urban traffic has appeared with the sustainable growth of car inventory. Faced with this current situation, relying on the MineData Location Big Data Platform, which is independently developed by Cennavi, the company has created an overall industry solution for urban traffic management, aiming at helping traffic management departments on three main fronts: traffic safety, congestion management and command and dispatch, where the pain points of urban traffic need to be removed to ensure the safety, smoothness and orderliness of transportation. 

In view of traffic safety, facing the weak points of urban traffic safety, such as frequent traffic accidents, limited police resources and passive alarm receiving, Cennavi cooperates with the traffic management department to integrate traffic environment, people, vehicles, roads, accidents, and other major traffic big data, with the holographic perception of traffic incidents and accurate research and analysis of urban traffic as the breakthrough points, as a way to ultimately achieve optimal policing strategy, service impact assessment and security situation monitoring and prediction, meet the real-time business demand of the traffic management department, and form a complete process from perception to cognition, then to decision-making, and to implementation at last. 

In response to congestion management, facing the congestion reasons such as excessive traffic flow, traffic accidents, unexpected control or unreasonable traffic facilities planning and traffic light control, Cennavi takes congestion perception warning, traffic congestion cause analysis, congestion situation research and analysis, traffic demand regulation (right-of-way allocation optimization) and traffic demand elicitation as the core, to assist the traffic management department in urban traffic optimization, to make analysis of congestion regularity, congestion tracing and traffic organization problems of frequent and occasional congestion in urban trunk road network, and to improve congestion matters and road traffic efficiency by optimizing static and dynamic right-of-way and traffic guidance methods. 

With regard to the command and dispatch, different from the traditional empirical command and dispatch system, Cennavi combines visual integrated command and dispatch system with geographic information technology, big data fusion technology, video recognition technology and other means to takes a comprehensive consideration the alerts from multiple sources, such as 122 alarm receiving, video perception, road condition perception, video patrol and Wechat reporting. As a result, it realizes the rapid positioning of alerts, promotes the disposal efficiency of alarm receiving and handling, and realizes the whole process management of alarm receiving and handling. 

In the end, Xiong Jilin presented that as the leading enterprise in ITS industry and the leading domestic service provider of location big data, Cennavi has been committed to building a global location-based service ecosystem. With massive and multi-source location big data, the company has built an authoritative national location data warehouse. In recent years, it has been making continuous efforts in the field of intelligent transportation and big data. Relying on the MineData? Location Big Data Platform with independent intellectual property rights, the company helps industry customers to carry out deep analysis and mining of big data, and provide customers with complete industry solutions proceeding from industry weak points, to cater to the current demands of enterprise intellectualization in development under the background of big data. 

Global Artificial Intelligence & Robots Summit (CCF-GAIR) 

GAIR was hosted by the China Computer Federation (CCF), undertaken by Leiphone and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) and was vigorous guided by the Shenzhen Municipal Government. It is a top-level exchange pageant in the three fields of artificial intelligence and robot academia, industry and investment in China, with the aim of creating the most powerful cross-border exchange and cooperation platform in the field of artificial intelligence in China. 

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