Banks Industry Solution

  • Network query
    Network query
    Based on the banks' outlet database and the POI database of Cennavi's parent company, Navinfo, as well as Cennavi's accurate search and query technology, banks and users can search outlet information conveniently at any time.
  • Network Management
    Network Management
    In order to manage all banking outlets more efficiently and conveniently, Cennavi can create a high-efficient management platform which includes all outlet information and data for bank customers to guarantee accurate management of each outlet.
  • Network Route Planning
    Network Route Planning
    Based on the navigation engine technology, Cennavi can provide bank customers with multiple high-quality route planning schemes which allow customers to reach any outlet from any position, thus giving users more options and making sure that they can arrive at the nearest outlet at the fastest speed.
  • User Behavior Analysis
    User Behavior Analysis
    Cennavi can help customers conduct deep analysis on user behaviors in order to create profiles for users in a more accurate way, thus enabling the banks to provide more customized and reasonable services for their users.
  • Life Service
    Life Service
    Based on all round database of outlet and rich map data and POI data from Cennavi's parent company, Navinfo, detailed and rich Life service information can be provided for users to improve user experience.
  • Travel Service
    Travel Service
    Relying on its powerful route planning and navigation engine technology as well as rich map data from its parent company, Navinfo, Cennavi can provide bank customers with convenient and efficient travel services.
  • Positioning Service
    Positioning Service
    Based on its inherent map data and GIS system as well as rich multiple location technology, Cennavi can help customers locate their own users anytime and anywhere and guarantee the accuracy of positioning.

Case presentation

Head office of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
  • Head office of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
    Head office of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
    In order to facilitate the national customers' online inquiry and telephone voice consultation, based on the customized electronic map service specially developed by Cennavi GIS system for the Industrial and Commercial Bank, customers can conduct personalized content query, such as nationwide classification of business inquiries, nearby interested location, etc. through the off...