Internet Industry Solution

  • Voice Interaction
    Voice Interaction
    Cennavi can provide internet customers with voice interaction technology to avoid numerous and complicated operation steps and guarantee users' own safety reliability while navigating or driving.
  • Forewarning Near Traffic Restriction Area
    Forewarning Near Traffic Restriction Area
    Based on the traffic restriction policies under special weather or conditions in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and most metropolises, Cennavi can provide car owners on the internet with forewarning near traffic restriction area to guarantee the driving safety of the customers and avoid unnecessary troubles.
  • Detour Route Planning
    Detour Route Planning
    Nowadays, most cities are implementing complicated and changeable traffic restriction policies which cause a great deal of inconvenience to car owners. Cennavi can directly provide car owners with detour routes in traffic restriction area when planning routes and navigating, thus tremendously improving the experience of car owners.
  • Multimodal Path Calculation
    Multimodal Path Calculation
    Traffic congestion is a universal problem in nearly every metropolis. Travel modes in single modal are less accepted in consideration of travel efficiency. Cennavi can provide internet users with multimodal route calculation to guarantee travel efficiency.
  • Multimodal Navigation
    Multimodal Navigation
    In the event that multimodal travel modes become normal, Cennavi's navigation engine technology can also provide multimodal navigation modes to enable users to reach destinations more rapidly and accurately.
  • Trajectory Analysis
    Trajectory Analysis
    In the mobile internet era, locaiton is a symbolic characteristic of every user. Relying on the powerful location technology and rich map database, Cennavi can provide customers with deep trajectory analysis against users and accurate user profiles.

Case presentation

  • Tencent
    Tencent map is launched by Tencent, and it is an online map service. The user can see ordinary rectangular maps, satellite maps and street maps from the map. At the same time, Tencent map mobile APP software is a mobile phone map which provides map browsing of more than 400 cities, address query, interested location search, bus transfer, driving navigation, bus lines and site i...