Retail Industry Solution

  • Indoor Positioning
    Indoor Positioning
    Cennavi can provide location solutions according to different APP scenarios. Including: Location data acquisition, map matching technology and hybrid location technology, etc. At present, there are over 10 kinds of location technology such as WIFI, Beacon, geomagnetism, UWB, etc.
  • Indoor Map
    Indoor Map
    Cennavi can provide the indoor maps of all industries such as supermarket, shopping center, department store and parking lot and update the building indoor map data quarterly. Meanwhile, self-updating of maps can be provided as well
  • Indoor Navigation
    Indoor Navigation
    Cennavi's indoor map navigation can provide voice broadcast and text indication service to facilitate users to carry out indoor route planning and navigation in different scenes and enable users to reach destinations seamlessly and quickly.
  • Indoor Thermal Chart
    Indoor Thermal Chart
    Cennavi can provide customers in the retail industry with Indoor thermal chart for them to understand users' interests in a better way and manage all the merchants on their own platforms in a more reasonable way.
  • Passenger Flow Analysis
    Passenger Flow Analysis
    Based on its Indoor positioning technology and indoor map data, Cennavi can provide customers with indoor Passenger flow analysis to facilitate them to manage their own consumer groups in a better way and provide more humanized commercial service.
  • Indoor Route Planning
    Indoor Route Planning
    Cennavi indoor map can provide the multiple accurate route planning scheme from the indoor starting point to the indoor final point for the user's selection, and help the user to arrive at the indoor destination.
  • Indoor Electronic Fence
    Indoor Electronic Fence
    Cennavi's indoor electronic fence can promptly give alarms to indicate personnel in and out, and equipment in and out in a limited area and realize personnel management, property management, etc. within fixed indoor area.

Case presentation

Qingdao Hisense
  • Qingdao Hisense
    Qingdao Hisense
    As a key software enterprise within national planning and layout, Qingdao Hisense Network Technology is the executive director unit of China Intelligent Transportation Association (ITS) and Traffic Standardization Board. In the current urban traffic management information construction, Qingdao Hisense software needs to build a verification platform within company for verificati...