Traffic Industry Solution

  • OD Analysis
    OD Analysis
    By means of the traffic big data, Cennavi can provide accurate OD analysis for the traffic industry customers, help customers to better plan the urban traffic construction, improve the urban traffic operation efficiency and optimize the traffic facility layout.
  • Passage Time Prediction
    Passage Time Prediction
    Based on the big data of historical traffic information accumulated over more than ten years, Cennavi can provide customers in the traffic industry with Passage time prediction and reasonable passage schemes to help them improve passage efficiency.
  • Traffic Flow Analysis
    Traffic Flow Analysis
    Through the deep analysis and calculation of the traffic big data platform, Cennavi can help the traffic industry customers analyze the current and future traffic flow, so that the customers can better realize traffic guidance and planning.
  • Congestion Analysis
    Congestion Analysis
    With respect to normal congestion and abnormal congestion, Cennavi can provide high-level analysis on congestion and reasonable suggestions for improving traffic operation efficiency based on years' accumulation of big data of traffic information.
  • Traffic Facilities Optimization
    Traffic Facilities Optimization
    To help the traffic industry customers better manage the urban traffic and improve the urban traffic operation, Cennavi can help the customers optimize the traffic facilities and realize more smooth urban traffic.
  • Traffic Command
    Traffic Command
    Cennavi can help customers in the traffic industry establish a unified traffic control platform for the whole city and conduct traffic command on this platform to promptly and actively intervene the traffic operation conditions in the city and facilitate the efficient operation of urban traffic.

Case presentation

Road-network Monitoring and Emergency Management Center
  • Road-network Monitoring and Emergency Management Center
    Road-network Monitoring and Emergency Management Center
    "Upgrade the National Road Travel Information Service System " project is based on the Cennavi map data, deeply integrates multi-source traffic travel information data, road-network operation information, expressway operation information, weather information and other dynamic information, completes the task of converging traffic flow information of intercity and major urban, an...