Traffic Police Industry Solution

  • Traffic Monitoring
    Traffic Monitoring
    Help the traffic police to monitor the traffic flow in the range in real-time and display the traffic flow on various terminals such as large screen in the form of visualization, so that the traffic police can know and monitor the urban traffic operation status at any time.
  • Road Traffic Densit
    Road Traffic Densit
    Visualization of the city within the scope of the road thermal map, a clear and intuitive understanding of the area within the road carrying capacity for the transport planning to provide a scientific basis, but also for the traffic police intelligence to provide a reference.
  • Traffic Index
    Traffic Index
    Comprehensive real-time index and historical index, to provide regional traffic index ranking to meet the traffic police operation monitoring and transportation planning needs for the public to provide travel reference services.
  • Real-Time Road Conditions
    Real-Time Road Conditions
    It can provide the traffic real-time road condition of more than 340 city areas, arrange the traffic dispersion reasonably, optimize the urban traffic layout and guarantee the efficient operation of urban traffic.
  • Traffic Tontrol
    Traffic Tontrol
    Many factors such as major event, emergency and road construction may require the traffic control of the traffic police, so Cennavi can help the traffic police to release the traffic control information through various terminals and guarantee the road capacity.
  • Real-Time Police Service
    Real-Time Police Service
    Cennavi can help the traffic police to master the real-time city alarm condition, make treatment at the first time, stabilize the urban traffic operation state and guarantee the urban traffic operation efficiency.
  • Visualization Command
    Visualization Command
    The command and control capability of traffic police for the city is very important, so Cennavi can provide the visualization command service to the traffic police, including the 122 receive-disposal alarm, visualization scheduling and tracking management.
  • Map Platform Capability
    Map Platform Capability
    Based on the strong requirement of traffic police industry, Cennavi can provide the map platform capability including the map display, map search, map positioning and map support.
  • Traffic Decision-Making Analysis
    Traffic Decision-Making Analysis
    The historical traffic flow and traffic information big data can help the urban traffic polices to conduct traffic study and judgment and decision analysis in advance, realize the police strength scheduling arrangement in advance and better ensure the steady urban traffic operation state.
  • Public Service
    Public Service
    Cennavi can provide the C-end service of public level for the traffic polices, including the WeChat service number, APP, website, guiding display and guiding diagram, so that the travel of the public can be more convenient.

Case presentation

Xi'an Traffic Police
  • Xi'an Traffic Police
    Xi'an Traffic Police
    In order to optimize the traffic environment of Xi'an, promote the informationization of Xi'an traffic police affairs, promote and deepen public service informationization, promote the transformation and upgrading of Xi'an "internet + transportation" management, and based on the mature big data processing technology of Cennavi, we should fully integrate the advantageous resourc...