Cennavi Releases Epidemic Prevention and Control Solution and Supports Smart Anti-Epidemic Activities with Location Big Data

On February 26, an online seminar on smart anti-epidemic and intelligent transportation solutions hosted by 7its.com was held. During the seminar, Ao Xiang, the Deputy General Manager of Cennavi Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Cennavi), the big data company of NavInfo Group, delivered a video speech entitled "Epidemic Prevention and Control Solution Based on Location Big Data".


In his speech, Ao Xiang said that in the face of the severe situation of prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP), Cennavi had actively taken on the social responsibilities to give full play to its technological advantages in location-based big data services such as maps, big data and artificial intelligence through insisting on the use of data-based support, data-based research and judgment, data-based decision making, data-based governance, situation monitoring and all-round command methods etc., and had urgently launched the "Location Big Data-Based Epidemic Prevention and Control Solution", which was composed of multiple functional modules such as "Dynamic Perception of Epidemic Situation", "Epidemic Research & Judgment and Analysis", "Early Warning for Epidemic Prevention and Control", "Command and Dispatch for Epidemic Control" and "Release of Epidemic Information", in order to provide data support for relevant management departments and assist the epidemic prevention and control scientifically and comprehensively.

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