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It can provide relevant GIS services and visual solutions for insurance and financial industry, and present the data analysis results to users in a visual way. 

China Reinsurance-Catastrophe Model

China Reinsurance-Catastrophe Model "Re-type" Platform

    Customer demand: The catastrophe risk exposure at home and abroad is mainly based on RMS and AIR catastrophe model. In the current use process, there are many problems, such as high price, unaffordable for Non-large insurance companies, and inability to optimize and dock due to lack of understanding of pricing details, which seriously affect the efficiency of operation and management. Foreign catastrophe risk exposure lacks the support of China's basic data and pricing is not in line with China's national conditions. It is urgent to establish China's own catastrophe risk exposure.

    Solution: Provide relevant GIS services and visualization solutions for the catastrophe model. Based on remote sensing, map and other geographic information science technology, the data analysis results are presented to users visually to improve the efficiency of operation and management; support millions of data upload and real-time address information, and provide technology for catastrophe business pricing through map visualization display. Operative support.

    Realizing value: Helping China Re Group to successfully publish its first catastrophe model with independent intellectual property rights, greatly improving the accuracy of catastrophe loss assessment in China's insurance industry; providing key technical support for catastrophe insurance pricing, risk identification, business portfolio optimization and risk accumulation management; and providing precise positioning and decision-making reference for major direct insurance companies.

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