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Location Big Data Platform MineData®

MineData is a location information SaaS platform of NavInfo, which was founded by its own advantages of data, algorithm and technology. It integrates the data of all subsidiaries and products of NavInfo and partners. 
MineData includes DataHIVE, MineMap, MineLab and MineService.

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Adhering to the Internet + concept and relying on the location big data platform MineData, we introduce professional enterprise-level map platform for many industries, including: Traffic Police Platform, Police Public Map, Urban Road Density Monitoring Platform, Vehicle Big Data Analysis Platform, Traffic Meteorology Big Data Platform, Telecom Operator Big Data Platform, Traffic Information Monitoring Platform, Sensor Cloud Platform, etc.

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Vehicle Products

Cennavi vehicle products and services include real-time traffic information, simple graphics service, lane-level traffic information service, traffic forecasting service, historical traffic information, event information service, City license plate number limit, parking lot dynamic service, charging pile dynamic service, etc.

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Map Data Products

Navinfo has a large amount of map data, including navigation data, multi-mode travel data, index data, travel support data, news and information, background data, road enhancement information, field information data, geographic data, live environment data , etc.These massive data come from the collection and accumulation of Navinfo and its various subsidiary companies over the past ten years. At the same time, Navinfo has also cooperated with government and enterprise units in various industries and fields to enrich their data sources; helping enterprises effectively to solve business needs, tap data value, and reflect the cross-border power of data.

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Mobile Internet Products

Cennavi mobile internet products include:  traffic eyes, WeChat Applet for Traffic Information Checking, WeChat Applet for Traffic Restriction Checking, etc.

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Industry case

Multi-fields and wider coverage, assisting the better development of various industrie

  • Automaker
  • Traffic Police
  • Intelligent Transportation
  • Insurance Finance
  • Smart city
  • Telecom Operator
  • Other


It has been providing traffic information services for automobile manufacturers for more than ten years, including RTIC, TMC, TPEG and other internationally recognized technical standards, as well as FM and IP modes of traffic information reception. For new energy and electric vehicles, Cennavi also provides query service for charging piles, driving range of remaining electricity, multi-mode transfer and traffic information-based route push services, etc. It helps automobile manufacturers to provide comprehensive solutions for travel services.

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Traffic Police

Introducing professional enterprise-level map platform, Internet real-time traffic information and professional traffic judgment algorithm for traffic police, providing support of the research and judgment for actual combat command of traffic police, in order to improve the efficiency of urban road governance, ensure unimpeded road traffic, and improve public service level. 

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Intelligent Transportation

It can realize the integration of road traffic information, provide one map of the road industry, and build personalized customized location platform basing on different customer needs. At present, it has provided enterprise-level location intelligent solutions for government and enterprise units.

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Insurance Finance

It can provide relevant GIS services and visual solutions for insurance and financial industry, and present the data analysis results to users in a visual way. 

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Smart city

In view of the construction of urban road network system, in close connection with China's urban reality and development trend, Cennavi can define the boundaries of urban built-up areas scientifically, and standardize urban road grading and density indicators of road network, etc. 

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Telecom Operator

Basing on the data record  of location fusion, by using the moving speed of the user's position,    the algorithm of track point merging travel recognition and the occupational and residential characteristics of the user can be established to help operators build a better and more powerful location service platform.

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It also provides enterprise-level location intelligence solutions for Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office, Tencent, Huawei, Science and Technology University.

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