Cennavi: To Build Intelligent Police System on Basis of Policing Practice


Cennavi, the big data company of NavInfo Group (hereinafter referred to as “Cennavi”), has meticulously created a solution for the intelligent public security industry, based on its core capabilities such as location big data and GIS technology, as well as on the policing practice, in order to face the new challenges of public security information construction under the new situation. 

The solution for public security industry is an integrated solution provided by Cennavi for public security organizations, covering data, platform and support to public security operations. It is mainly composed of four parts, i.e. data supply, data governance, platform construction and operation support. The solution can provide PGIS platform that is developed according to the standards and specifications proposed by the Ministry of Public Security, as well as the intelligent standard address system for managing the construction of the platform; support the application of the platform in the policing practice by various police organizations, such as command centers, public security departments, technical investigation departments and anti-terrorism departments; and meet the actual policing operation needs of all public security departments, thus to improve the level of construction of the public security information system.

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