Ministry of Transport: Seven Closed Autonomous Driving Field Test Bases Have Been Identified, and Will Be Partially Opened to the Public for Providing Autonomous Driving Experience


On December 24th, National Transportation Work Conference of 2021 was held in Beijing, at which the Ministry of Transport stated that it would promote the construction of new transportation infrastructure and accelerate the development of smart roads and smart ports. The Ministry of Transport will carry out the investigation work to formulate the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development and Application of Autonomous Driving Technologies in Road Traffic, and will identify 7 closed test bases for autonomous driving, some of which will opened to the public for providing autonomous driving experience services. The national comprehensive transportation information platform has been put into operation. The pilot project of electronic delivery platform for port shipping blockchain has achieved remarkable results. Beidou system is widely used in key fields such as road transportation, waterway transportation and postal express delivery. The Ministry of Transport also indicated that it would improve the network security management system, participate in and organize network security offending and defending drills, and continuously increase the network security level of the industry.

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