NavInfo Powered the Strategy Implementation of National Big Data Jointly with the National Engineering Laboratory for Integrated Transportation Big Data Application Technology

On December 29, the National Engineering Laboratory for Integrated Transportation Big Data Application Technology ("laboratory" for short below) held the First Council and Technical Committee 2018 Annual Meeting in Beihang University. As one of the first batch of enterprises to join in the laboratory, NavInfo attended the meeting with more than 60 leading experts, scholars and entrepreneurs in the traffic field from the laboratory construction unit, twelve cooperating construction units and technical committee. 

Academician Lu Chunfang as Chairman of Laboratory Technical Committee and President of China Railway Society, Du Yanliang as Deputy Chairman and Academician of Shijiazhuang Tiedao University, Sun Fengchun as Deputy Chairman and Academician of Beijing Institute of Technology, Academician Zhang Jun as Laboratory Director, Liu Shuchun as Vice Principal of Beihang University, and Wang Yunpeng as Vice Principal of Beihang University attended the meeting. 

NavInfo Co., Ltd. ("NavInfo" for short below), as one of the cooperating construction units and the first batch of involved enterprises, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Laboratory. Based on this, both sides will rely on the Laboratory to engage in more targeted scientific research and technological development in integrated transportation and smart city with respective advantage resources, to promote the wide application of high-tech achievements and products in the field of traffic and mobility. General Manager Liang Yongjie from Cennavi concurrently serving as SVP of NavInfo attended the signing ceremony as the Council Member of the First Council. According to Mr. Liang, NavInfo's cooperation with the Laboratory represents the industry's affirmation and recognition of the location big data of NavInfo. After more than a decade of development with deep accumulation in maps, location big data, connected car and other fields, a series of industry solutions based on the MineData? Location Big Data Platform of NavInfo with independent intellectual property right have been popularized in multiple fields of traffic, traffic police, public security, planning, telecommunication, insurance, automobile plant, etc. The cooperation with the Laboratory is to integrate location big data and traffic big data technology in depth, which promotes the further development of the application of integrated transportation big data and implements the strategy of transportation power. Subsequently, the relevant R & D work of the Laboratory will be carried out by Cennavi, a professional big data company under NavInfo. 

Scene of Signing the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between NavInfo and the Laboratory 
Academician Zhang Jun introduced the current notable advances and major scientific research achievements made by the Laboratory centering on 8 key directions in the collection and mining of big data of integrated transportation, collaborative organization of integrated transportation driven by big data, collaborative optimization of regional traffic, etc., and planned the following construction work of the Laboratory. 
Introduction to Construction Achievements by Academician Zhang Jun as Laboratory Director 

Speech by Academician Lu Chunfang as Chairman of Laboratory Technical Committee 

The experts and leaders at the meeting fully affirmed the achievements of the Laboratory. The Laboratory has established a relatively perfect organizational management and operation mechanism, gathered a number of high-level talents in industry-university-research-application, and organized several joint ventures to undertake multiple major and key national research projects. In addition, it has achieved phased important results targeting at transportation power in strategy consulting research, major project implementation, key technology tackling, scientific innovation in military-civilian integration, technological innovation and major industry applications, and has had the scientific research space and innovation platform to implement the construction task. Academician Lu Chunfang suggested further strengthening the exchanges and cooperation among the cooperating construction units, taking the initiative to undertake major national project tasks, and playing the core backbone role of the national team. As expressed by the representative of the cooperating construction units, they will continue to jointly promote the laboratory construction and support the innovative development of integrated transportation big data application. 

At the same time, the meeting also announced the list of relevant members of the Technical Committee, in which Li Jianjun from Cennavi was elected the Technical Committee Member of the first Council. His participant project - Key Technology and Application of Urban Mobility Information Service Based on Mobile Location Data won the second award of 2016 National Award for Technological Invention. He has been devoted to the R & D of technologies and products in the fields of satellite navigation, electronic maps and intelligent transportation for a long time, formerly served as the responsible person of the "Demonstration Project of High-tech Industrialization of Dynamic Navigation and Transportation Integrated Information Service Platform" of National Development and Reform Commission, and worked for the preparation of standards such as "Dynamic Traffic Information Exchange Format for Satellite Navigation" and "Road Traffic Information Service - Coding Rules for Road". 

About the National Engineering Laboratory for Integrated Transportation Big Data Application Technology 

The National Engineering Laboratory for Integrated Transportation Big Data Application Technology was established upon the approval by the National Development and Reform Commission in 2017. As the exclusive national engineering laboratory in the application of integrated transportation big data, the Laboratory was built by joint efforts of Beihang University, Southwest Jiaotong University, CTTIC, Beijing Transportation Information Center, China Academy of Railway Sciences, Aviation Data Communication Corporation and other units. 

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