[Official Announcement] Insight into the city with intelligent drawing. "CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform" Big Data Platform was launched!


When the urban development has undergone the transformation from the armored concrete era to the digital era, and when the planning and governance have undergone the transformation from images & texts to information interaction, at the intersection of the urban development era, intelligent planning will bring new cognitive vision and planning tools to the city. 

In 2018, NavInfo developed the Urban Road Network Density Monitoring Platform for major cities with the CAUPD Transportation Institute. On this day in 2019, the new experience will be brought by the "CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform" Urban Traffic Planning Big Data Platform for the urban planning. 

I. Know Planning More, Know Your Heart More 

With the joint efforts of the senior map enterprise - NavInfo and the leading planning agency - CAUPD, the "CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform" is the first big data platform specializing in urban traffic planning in China. The platform covers three functions of data, perception and decision, provides three analysis systems of road operation, public traffic and individual mobility, innovatively develops the "Cloud Computing Traffic Model", and develops the "Online Traffic Carrying Capacity Evaluation System" on this basis. Cennavi, a professional big data company under NavInfo, is responsible for the development and implementation of the platform, and the two sides jointly carry out product planning and big data algorithm model analysis, which indicates that the position and role of location big data in the field of urban planning has become increasingly prominent. 

Considering the business demand of local planning agencies, based on the application requirements, the "CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform" platform serves the planning business, and has carried out targeted professional design in functional design, interface design and interaction design, so that industry users can quickly get started and be proficient. 


II. Three Major Functions Power Urban Planning and Governance 

Centering on planners, traffic participants and city managers, the "CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform" platform helps industry users to achieve three functions: gathering data, enhancing perception and driving decision-making. It also helps to build the capacity of intelligent planning and makes it easy to obtain, process and use big data. 

1. Gathering data - massive data can avoid data deficiency. 

Due to huge demand for data and incapability of producing data, the planning industry has less weight in data resources. In addition, data channels are difficult to access, and different data standards further increase the difficulty of planning agencies to obtain data. Planning agencies can only get less data by their own power. 

How to solve the problem of lack of data? 

"CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform" will bring a new "data gathering" experience for industry users - the platform has massive data, which can supplement the industry users' own data, and the design of both internal and external considerations can help industry users quickly realize data capacity building. At present, the platform can provide massive data for industry users, such as floating vehicle track, road condition, signaling, Location Based Service (LBS), high precision map, POI, buildings, to solve the problem of lack of data. 


2. Enhancing perception - basic functions of road, public traffic and mobility analysis are beyond imagination. 

Depending on abundant data mining experience, "CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform" provides the industry users with three analysis systems, which are comprehensive in function, rich in options and fully meeting daily business demand. It makes the original planning big data analysis with the high technical threshold simple, practical and efficient. The basic requirement of big data analysis is to restore the status quo accurately and to sense the urban pulse. Road operation, public traffic operation and individual mobility perception are the most common three types of traffic big data analysis needs, which can be called "troika" of traffic big data. 


An important feature of the basic analysis module of "CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform" platform is to support the customized analysis with a high degree of freedom. 

? All modules support time customization, and industry users are free to choose a year, quarter, working day or hour, and view various data characteristics. 

? In addition, all modules support space customization, and industry users can arbitrarily choose local roads to view road and public traffic operation characteristics, as well as local communities to view the individual mobility characteristics. 

The powerful customized analysis function makes the "CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform" platform break through the illusion of "visual shock, but out of application" caused by the big data analysis, and truly supports the actual business. 


Free and customized analysis of time and base map 


Free analysis of local roads and communities 

Innovative function - traceability analysis of traffic flow 

3. Driving decision-making - as the inheritance and even overthrow, the online traffic evaluation can automatically generate a report. 

The "CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform" platform develops the "Cloud Computing Traffic Model", and develops the "Online Traffic Carrying Capacity Evaluation System" on this basis, to evaluate the road traffic impact of land development. In order to ensure the referentiality of the results, the online traffic evaluation system inherits the current general evaluation principles, and adopts advanced cloud computing and online interactive technology. It subverts the traditional implementation method of traffic evaluation in terms of usage experience, and provides a simple, effective, efficient and practical solution to traffic evaluation for industry users. The online traffic evaluation system can automatically generate traffic evaluation report without professional software and background modeling, and but only needs the simplified model calibration. 

In order to make the online traffic evaluation system more efficient and easy to use, the system organizes the interactive process in the wizard mode and divides the whole evaluation work into six steps. Industry users only need to follow the wizard mode to complete all the work from the input of the planning scheme to the generation of the evaluation report. 


Online road and land use planning scheme 


One-touch prediction of traffic distribution and one-touch operation of traffic assignment 

 (Based on the Cloud Computing Traffic Model of CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform) 

One-touch automatic generation of Word-format traffic evaluation report for downloading to the industry user's computer 

III. Cloud Model, Featured by Innovation, Advance and Leading the Future 

The Cloud Computing Traffic Model is an innovative model engine developed by "CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform" with big data, cloud computing and traffic model integrated. It is not only a new product, but also a new mode and direction, helping big data to truly move from the application bottleneck of quantification to decision-making assistance. 

Following the general and accepted four-step model principle, cloud model has completed three core functions: traffic generation calculation, traffic distribution and traffic assignment. Without relying on the existing commercial traffic model software, the cloud model of "CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform" develops from the bottom layer based on the spatial database, with sufficient flexibility and controllability. 

In addition to transplanting existing algorithms to the Cloud, the cloud model has also developed new algorithms and functions to give full play to the advantages of big data and cloud computing, for example: 

? "Basic Road Network Preset" function: Based on high-precision road network data, cloud model completes the latest global basic road network modeling in advance, which saves a lot of road network drawing work for industry users. 

? "Road Section-level Impedance Calibration" algorithm: Based on massive road condition data, cloud model calibrates road resistance and impedance function separately for each road, which significantly improves the precision of traffic assignment and greatly reduces the workload of traffic investigation and calibration. 

In addition, the cloud model is continually expanding the functions of the public traffic model, mobility chain model and so on, and the continuous improvement of cloud model will further improve the driving ability of the "CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform" platform for decision-making. 

IV. Brand, More than Product and Service 

"CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform", a product, but also service. We can continue to provide industry users with data rolling updates, urban regular monitoring and diagnosis, urban traffic model iteration, urban development and construction effect evaluation and other tracking services. 

"CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform", a platform, but also brand. In addition to the big data platform for urban planning, "CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform" is building a larger intelligent planning ecosphere, and has launched a number of national-level monitoring platform products, including the Monitoring Platform for Urban Road Network Density, Monitoring Platform for Urban Road Operation Status (under development), and Urban Commuting Index Platform (under development), to help the industry users from multi-level and multi-angle to achieve intelligent planning. "CAUPD Intelligent planning platform" provides you with massive data and intelligent drawing future. 

"CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform" Monitoring Platform for Urban Road Network Density for Major Cities 

"CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform" Monitoring Platform for Urban Road Operation for Major Cities 

V. Open and Shared, Win-win Cooperation 
The Chinese Dream is a dream of peace, development, cooperation and win-win situation. 

Since the first product R & D, "CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform" has been following the win-win thinking of "Open and Shared, Win-win Cooperation". "CAUPD Intelligent Planning Platform" is willing to work with industry users to improve the technical level of urban intelligent planning while enhancing the capacity of urban planning and governance. 

All the content presented in this paper has been developed, with mature products applied. Professional functional design and development team can meet the functional needs of industry users, provide extremely fast development and deployment services, and bring industry users faster, better and greater intelligent planning experience. 

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