Cennavi Contributes to the 29th ITS World Congress Innovation Contest and the 1st ITS Innovation Contest in Suzhou, China

On November 23, the launching ceremony of the 29th ITS World Congress Innovation Contest and the 1st ITS Innovation Contest in Suzhou, China (hereinafter referred to as "Innovation Contest") sponsored by People's Government of Suzhou Municipality, Transportation Department of Jiangsu and Industry and Information Technology Department of Jiangsu was held in Suzhou. As one of the co-organizers of the innovation competition, Cennavi Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Cennavi"), the big data company of NavInfo Group, was invited to attend the launching ceremony.


Figure 1 –Launching Ceremony

Annual Innovation Contest Propagates Achievements of Intelligent Transportation Development in China

With the approval of the State Council, Suzhou will host the 29th ITS World Congress in November 2022. The 29th ITS World Congress Innovation Contest will be held with the purpose of seriously implementing the "Program of Building National Strength in Transportation " issued by the State Council, building up a safe, convenient, efficient, environment-friendly and economical modern comprehensive transportation system, promoting the deep integration of modern information technology and transportation, and disseminating the achievements of China's intelligent transportation development to the world, and the results of the contest will be presented to the world as part of the annual World Congress.

In order to fully expand the influence and appeal of the event, the Innovation Competition, with the theme of "intelligent transportation for happy life", will arrange relevant special competitions based on intelligent driving, travel service, data analysis, intelligent management and innovation application. The institutions undertaking the special competitions were selected and recommended by the organizers of the event among the outstanding enterprises in relevant fields. Therefore, Cennavi was selected with its advantages in data and technology, and entrusted to host the special competition in the field of data analysis, i.e. Cennavi Cup Competition Special for "Traffic Location Big Data Analysis" (hereinafter referred to as the "Cennavi Cup Special Competition").

The Signing Ceremony for the Special Competitions Was Held Synchronously

During the Launching Ceremony, the signing ceremony for the undertaking institutions of the special competitions was held too, at which Yang Laitu, Deputy General Manager of Cennavi, attended and signed the cooperation agreement as the representative of the company.


Figure 2 –Signing Ceremony

Yang Laitu said on the site that the holding of Cennavi Cup Special Competition represented the acknowledgement and affirmation by the industry to Cennavi, and it was also a chance to validate the company’s capabilities in big data and technology. The event aims to promoting the application of location big data in the transportation industry, exploring the demand of intelligent transportation in the whole location big data field, innovating its application in intelligent transportation, further promoting the deep integration of the location big data and the transportation industry, and disseminating the development results of intelligent transportation in multiple dimensions.

In the Cennavi Cup Special Competition, Cennavi will provide a variety of supports to the participating teams, such as technical platform, location data and promotion channels, to provide the basis for innovative application of location big data in the transportation industry in addition to ensuring the smooth progress of the competition.

Cennavi Cup Special Competition Drives Deep Application of Big Data in Transportation Industry

The Cennavi Cup Special Competition is undertaken by Cennavi, with the support from Beijing NavInfo Co., Ltd. and the Center for Studies of Information Resources, Wuhan University.

This competition will rely on the MineData location big data platform that was independently developed by Cennavi, as well as the existing navigation maps, high-precision maps, remote sensing maps and massive floating vehicle data. It is intended to conduct the cross-correlation application analysis between the transportation industry data and the high-precision location data in combination with the basic data and business data of the transportation industry, to explore the deep-level application of the transportation data and the location data in a combined manner, thus to make the location big data better applied in the field of intelligent transportation.

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