Lanzhou Urban Road Traffic Technology Exchange Forum: Exploration in Big Data for Smooth Traffic

On November 7, the "Technology Exchange Forum on Improving Smooth Traffic and Civilization in Urban Roads" was held in Lanzhou. The Forum was hosted by Hangzhou HIKVISION Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "HIKVISION"), with the guidance of Lanzhou Jiaotong University and ITS Research Center of Tongji University. As a co-organizer, Cennavi Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Cennavi" ),the big data company of NavInfo Group, , attended the forum together with experts and scholars from major universities, research institutes, well-known enterprises and traffic police departments nationwide.


Figure 1 – Forum Site

Joining Hands with Traffic Police in Traffic Field to Drive the ITS in Gansu

Ao Xiang, General Manager of West China Region of Beijing Cennavi Technologies Co., Ltd., said on the site that with the implementation and progression of several national strategies such as the National Strategy for Building China’s Strength in Transportation, the Belt and Road Initiative and the National Strategy for Development of the Western Region, cities in the western region have formed strong demand for intelligent construction in the transportation field.

Cennavi, as a professional location big data service provider in China, has kept a good cooperative relationship with the hosting organization, HIKVISION, and they have jointly launched relevant intelligent solutions in the traffic police and transportation fields. The theme of this forum is "data driving improvement of traffic order in the new generation of urban roads", which is also one of the business development directions of both parties. In the future, the two parties will rely on the advantages in the aspects such as professional big data, AI computing platform and AI algorithm, and take the development concept of "big data+artificial intelligence "as the basis, to deepen the cooperation in the big data, artificial intelligence and other fields, thus to provide relevant data and technical support for new ideas and methods of "intelligent" road traffic management in Gansu province, to continuously provide effective suggestions for the improvement of urban road traffic order in Gansu province, and to promote the use of applications in real world, such as Intelligent Traffic and Intelligent Traffic Police.


Figure 2 – Forum Site

Focusing on Urban Road Traffic Management and Sharing the Leading Technologies and Ideas in the Industry
At the Forum, Jiang Qian, Technical Director of the Traffic Police Industry of Beijing Cennavi Technologies Co., Ltd., delivered a special speech on "Practical Application of Traffic Big Data in the Public Security and Traffic Management Fields", and shared the relevant achievements and practical application cases of Cennavi in the traffic police field based on traffic big data.


Figure 3 – Speech by Jiang Qian, Technical Director of the Traffic Police Industry of Beijing Cennavi Technologies Co., Ltd.

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