To Encourage the Technical Innovation: With Automotive Parts as the Key Field to Receive Support from the Policy


Automotive parts are the key to constructing a powerful auto country. In terms of industrial policies, the state and local governments have issued a series of policy systems to support automotive part industry to become bigger and stronger. Various supports have been provided to promote the transformation and upgrading of the automotive parts enterprises, including macro support, finance and taxation support, research and development support, key technology guidance and other supports of multiple levels.

Based on the analysis, the industrial development of automotive parts is mainly guided by the state in the following directions: (1) encouraging technological research and development of key parts of new energy vehicles; (2) encouraging the application of environment-friendly manufacturing and cleaning technologies in the field of parts manufacturing; (3) strengthening scientific and technological support, to promote the research and development of power battery recycling technology and key equipment; (4) focusing on the vehicle safety technology, e.g. issuing the thermal diffusion standards for power storage batteries and requiring installation of the tire pressure monitoring system; (5) enhancing the management of parts remanufacturing, to accelerate the standardized and large-scale development of remanufacturing industry; (6) adjusting import tariffs to stimulate the market, and improving the core competitiveness of enterprises to stimulate the technological innovation and upgrading capabilities; and (7) focusing on encouraging the research and development of parts technologies, e.g. the incentive measures implemented in Chongqing.

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