The White Paper of Safety First for Automated Driving of 2020 Was Released Officially


A few days ago, the White Paper of Safety First for Automated Driving of 2020 was released officially, which was compiled by China Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team, together with other 9 organizations including NavInfo Co., Ltd., Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Beijing TOPSEC Network Safety Technologies Co., Ltd., Beijing Bangcle Safety Technologies Co., Ltd., University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beihang University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chongqing Changan Atuomobile Co., Ltd., and China First Automotive Works (FAW).


As one of the core participating organizations, NavInfo has contributed its research results to compiling of the main sections of the White Paper, such as “Autonomous Driving Data Safety Risk Analysis” and “Autonomous Driving Data Safety System”, based on its years of research and development, exploration and in-depth thinking in the field of autonomous driving, as well as the in-depth investigation made by the company to its core external customers.


Around the safety of autonomous driving data, the White Paper has classified and graded the autonomous driving data for the first time, has systematically analyzed the safety risks of the autonomous driving data, and has established a safety protection system for the autonomous driving data. Additionally, the White Paper has put forward the technical framework of autonomous driving data safety protection and the corresponding protection suggestions at acquisition layer, communication layer, platform layer and application layer, with the aim of establishing a safety management mechanism for the whole life cycle of autonomous driving data, promoting the solution of problems such as unsound standards, unclear safety responsibilities and imperfect safety system, providing decision-making reference for the competent departments of the industry, and promoting the safe and healthy development of the industry.

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