Secretary of Provincial Party Committee of Anhui Investigated and Directed "New Infrastructure" Enterprises and NavInfo (Hefei) Accepted Challenges of the Times


From May 7 to 9, Li Jinbin, the Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, went to Hefei and Wuhu to investigate and direct the development of new infrastructure and emerging industries, accompanied by several provincial leaders respectively, including Tao Minglun, Yu Aihua and He Shushan. The Secretary Li Jinbin stressed that it was necessary to thoroughly implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping to comprehensively promote both the epidemic prevention and control and the economic and social development, to do a good job in the "six-stability" initiative, to implement the tasks related to "six-guarantee" practically, to deploy innovation chain around the industrial chain, to lay out the industrial chain based on the innovation chain, to grasp the opportunity of new round of information technology reform and digital development trend, to take reference to the experience model of early-developed regions such as Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and to make full use of the development advantages and phased characteristics of Anhui. He also stated that it was necessary to focus on new information networks, integrate new formats and innovate new platforms, to speed up the development of new infrastructure, to speed up the transformation of development mode, to speed up the building of a group of 100 billion-level industrial clusters, to hold the bottom line of "guarantee", to build the solid foundation for "stability", and to maintain the impetus of "advancement", thus to create a strong new engine for realizing the objectives and completing the tasks of the whole year, and for promoting the high-quality development of Anhui.

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