Cennavi Participated in the Formulation of White Paper on Digital Twin Cities (2020)


On December 15, the White Paper on Digital Twin Cities (2020) (hereinafter referred to as the "White Paper"), made jointly under the leadership of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, was released in the ICT and Deep Observation Report of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) and Digital Twin Cities Development Forum of 2021. As one of the participating organizations, Cennavi was invited to attend the forum, and Wen Yuhao, deputy general manager of Cennavi's Technology Center, attended the roundtable on "Future Prospects of Digital Twin Cities".


According to the current development situation of digital twin cities, the White Paper comprehensively analyzes the ten major development trends of digital twin cities, and publishes nine core competence elements of digital twin cities. Additionally, in response to four common problems in the construction of digital twin cities, it also puts forward four corresponding promotion strategies and suggestions, aiming at solving a series of practical problems such as insufficient depth of typical application scenarios, repeated construction of CIM platform, difficulty in overall planning spatio-temporal data standards, and technical bottlenecks and constraints, so as to promote multi-party cooperation among manufacturing, learning, research and utilization fields to jointly promote the construction of digital twin cities.


As one of the organizations participating the formulation of the White Paper, Cennavi has contributed relevant research results to making the main sections of the White Paper, such as data integration and fusion capability, visual presentation capability and spatio-temporal computing and analysis capability, based on its big data technology and service capabilities developed for many years in the field of location services. Particularly, the "Xi'an Traffic Police Internet plus Big Data Platform" jointly created by Cennavi and Xi'an Traffic Police has been included as a demonstration case in the White Paper, which is also the representative implementation project of Cennavi's integrating the construction of digital twin cities with the traffic management services in cities.

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