Desay SV Joined Forces with NavInfo to Implement the HAD Map and Improve the Application of Connected Cars.

During the CES Asia 2019, Desay SV and NavInfo formally signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement on June 12. The two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in the HAD Map and intelligently connected fields, give full play to their advantages, and jointly promote the development of the intelligently connected cars. 


According to the agreement, with the Desay SV L3/L4 Level automated driving solution as the center, combined with the HAD Map data, map engine, online distribution service and dynamic traffic information of NavInfo, the two sides will jointly provide customers with core solutions for autonomous vehicles of mass production. On this basis, by utilizing the data collaboration capabilities of the vehicle end and cloud platform of NavInfo, the two sides can realize the dynamic and rapid updating of map data, collect and process sensor data in real time, and provide solutions for incremental data. In addition, the two sides will integrate the connected car resources and capabilities of their subsidiary companies, build the overall ecosystem of connected car, jointly construct and improve the domestic connected car application service system, and enhance user experience. 

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