Exploration and practice of Xi'an traffic police command center wisdom and traffic police command process reengineering

As the command center of urban traffic management, the traffic police command center is responsible for maintaining traffic order, dealing with traffic incidents, cracking down on violations, publicizing traffic safety, etc., which is an important part of the social security prevention and control system in the city. With the constant increase of urban resident population and motor vehicle inventory, easing traffic congestion and ensuring smooth traffic, quick handling of traffic incidents, precise cracking down on of traffic violations, publicizing of traffic safety, etc. have been faced with a more serious situation. 

In this context, Xi’an traffic police has carried out an in-depth survey of the actual work in the Xi’an traffic police command center, fully grasped the weak links and needs in the work, and actively hired experts in the field of intelligent transportation to scientifically develop and publish the three-year plan of intelligent transportation for Xi’an traffic police and propose the five-sphere integrated modern service construction goal of “Intelligence, Command, Service, Supervision and Publicity”. Based on the “urban brain” command center, Xi’an traffic police worked with Cennavi, a professional big data company of NavInfo, and continued to carry out the innovative application of big data, artificial intelligence, data visualization, Internet Plus and other technologies in the field of traffic management, striving to create a new model of urban traffic management that “data are used for research and analysis, decision-making and governance”. Therefore, seven changes in the traffic police command process were successfully realized: Transformation of command decision-making from empirical judgment to data research and analysis assisted decision-making, transformation of warning from passive alarm receiving to active forewarning, transformation of warning disposal from delayed control to immediate control, transformation of the police dispatching mechanism from random police dispatching to optimal police dispatching, transformation of warning check from passive response to big data active push, transformation of live situation from radio feedback to audio-video real-time return and transformation of event release from traditional release to convergence media joint release. 

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